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Nurturing Curiosity and Success in Science, Math, and Learning


This book is about student success and how to achieve it. Its primary focus is learning – all aspects of learning, across the full spectrum of school subjects. A particular emphasis is given to the two most problematic areas of student difficulty, science and math, but the principles espoused are applicable to all school studies. The book stresses the importance of the home environment to student attitude and achievement. The significance of “student attitude” in determining student success cannot be overstated. Read more

About Alan A. Kubitz

Alan Kubitz is a retired electrical engineer from Silicon Valley, California. He and his wife raised two daughters who, like his wife, are schoolteachers. His interests in science, science history, and education along with his observations on effective parenting/mentoring are all reflected in this common-sense guide to education and success in learning. Read more


Excerpt from the Book

I have long recognized that the key to a rewarding relationship with science and learning is curiosity Read more

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